How Sexy Can Phone Chat Be?


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What we often manage to overlook is that the brain is our most important sex organ. A shockingly large proportion of arousal is down to what is happening inside your head rather than what’s going on physically. In short, that suggests that phone chat can be as sexy as any other sexual experience.

Anyone can get involved in a sexy phone chat and enjoy it irrelevant or personality type, though some people might find it more difficult to become relaxed and to overcome and initial embarrassment. Likewise, if your sexy phone chat is to be a success you need to be comfortable with using explicit words, with describing your actions, and ultimately, with touching yourself too.

Setting the Scene

Turning your phone chat sexy is most likely to work out if you’re already feeling in the mood. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel comfortable and sexy; take a bath, wear something that makes you feel good, light candles, drink a glass of wine – whatever works for you.

Call up your phone chat partner and see where the conversation takes you. Maybe they’ll take the lead or you could make it clear that you’re relaxed, comfortable, and horny. You could take it upon yourself to describe what you’re wearing, how you feel, or what you would like to be doing.

I wish it was you

The key to taking a sexy phone chat to the next level is to involve the person on the other end of the line. A wild imagination and a willingness to talk freely about your body parts and what you like will come in very handy here. Involve your chat partner by describing just what it is that you could do to them if the two of you were together.

Bring them more into the loop by reminding them away how they have touched you before and how you enjoyed it. By talking about things that have already happened between you it will help your sexy chat partner to build a mental image and what’s happening and make them feel more involved with what is happening.

Taking the Next Step

These days sexy phone chat doesn’t even have to be about just chatting on the phone; you’ve also got the option of taking and sending photographs and of using video calling features to make your phone lover feel like they’re right there with you.

Using interactive things like pictures, videos, and Skype calls is a great way to see and get close to your sexy phone chat caller while still remaining safe, and protecting your privacy. Ohh la la.

Rules to talking sexy

Sex chat by phone is all about having a little fun and enjoying yourself, but not at the expense of the other person involved. You need to ensure you are catering to your wants and needs but doing so with the other person's feelings in mind.