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There is an art in talking sexy to a woman or a man who has caught your eye; it is an art many do not possess, yet hot sexy chat is easier than you think. Find out how to talk sex and have fun. Read our our secret tips on sex chat uk.

All you need for a sexy chat is a willing mind and an open eye. You simply need to pay attention and you will reap the rewards.

Mastering the art of sexy phone chat

First of all, free your mind of any barriers and inhibitions. Many people miss the ability to let go and can’t express themselves. Talking sexy is all about being able to relax, have fun and talk without inhibitions. You need to be able to talk without feeling nervous. Don’t think too much about exactly what you’re going to say, and don’t come across as too prepared.

Whilst for most conversations you should think about what you are going to say before you actually say it, it’s not the same for sexy chat. When talking sexy, you need a free mind to express yourself in a fun and relaxed way. You should not use any ‘pre-written’ chat lines as you will come across scripted and stiff.

Just monitor the conversation and follow its path when you chat with sexy women. This may sound strange, but this is very important. Talking sexy is a fun way of interacting and building a relationship. However, if you misread the conversation, it could end your chat very quickly.

Just have fun talking sexy in the UK

Talking sexy is all about light hearted sexual fun and banter, not just in the UK. It is always better to keep within the boundaries of light hearted sexual practises. Do not explore the topic too deep nor go into niche sexual areas unless your partner prompts the subject first. You don’t want this to drive a wedge in the early part of your relationship by scaring your partner with too much explicit sex details. Many people miss the boat and continue with sex talk long after the conversation has moved on to an altogether different topic.

Finally, always listen to your partner, women or men, sexy chat or not. Not paying attention to your partner's suggestions will be very evident. If you do not pay attention, it will ruin your chat and even possibly the chances of another date.