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These days, most people like to chat by text via SMS. There is that cheeky little fun element of SMS chat. Getting the most out of SMS chat is often the real challenge. The boundaries of what to say and send in text messages are not always clear.

Find out how to use text messages when chatting to men or women by SMS. Good SMS skills can get you a date and make your potential relationship blossom.

Chatting by Text - Tip 1

When using SMS to chat, make sure you understand the tone of the texts you are receiving. You will need to understand the pace and direction of the SMS conversation. Many people go in all guns blazing and put the other party off. Reading and understanding the text message keeps your chatting partner engaged.

Chatting by Text - Tip 2

Don’t leave it too long between receiving and sending an SMS. Timing is a common problem, leaving it too long between receiving and sending an SMS can break the conversation.

IImagine you’re flirting over the phone and you come out with a witty comment but the man or woman you’re talking to takes 15 minutes or more to respond. This would ruin the ambience of your exchange. With SMS chat, you normally have more than 15 minutes to respond, however, responding a few hours later can make the SMS conversation fizzle out.

Chatting by Text - Tip 3

KKeep text chat fun and interesting. With SMS, no one wants a really serious conversation. It’s all about short and witty texts to make each party laugh and smile. If the chat turns more serious, it can make the conversation dry up and also change the tone of a potential relationship. It is hard to get any serious thoughts across via a short text message anyway.

Chatting by Text - Tip 4

Don’t plunge into more sexy chat until you know that the person you are chatting with is also interested in moving into this direction. It is quite easy to misunderstand the tone of an SMS and believe it is of an overtly sexual nature when it is not. If you’re not careful you could end up shocking or embarrassing the other party, especially if they were not expecting sex chat.

Be playful but not too rude. It is good to be a flirty and cheeky but sexual SMS chat is not always received well.

Now you have a few top tips on how to chat by text. Why not use some of our advice during your next SMS chat? If you follow our tips, you will have fun chatting by text message, whatever the topic!