Tips On How To Chat With Girls By Text


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Some of you may find talking to a girl easy, but when it comes to your thumbs doing the talking, do you think you have what it takes to chat with a girl by text? Read on, as we offer the best tips on UK girls chat.

Bet you are all thinking “Yeah my thumbs are full of sexy chat up lines”, but the truth is that text chat and talk chat are so far apart it’s unreal. So how do you gain a girls interest via text?

Well today you are about to get the top tips on how to chat with girls by text, tips which are truly going to help you gain the interest of that girl who caught your eye.

Mistakes guys make when texting girl

Txt chat with girls requires some touch. Don’t come on too strong, by sending text messages which are too racy. A text message is simply a string of words. There is no way for the girl to know whether you are sending your text in humour or whether your loins are doing the talking.

Don’t be too boring. Not having a strong wit or interesting tone to your text messages will put girls off talking to you again.

All of this leads us on to our top tips on how to chat with girls by text, so let’s crack on.

How to chat with girls by text

Don't start off too full on, show that you have an interest but don’t go in all guns blazing. This will arouse her curiosity and make her intrigued so she wants to know more.

Once you have gained the attention of the girl of your dreams, it’s time to keep her wanting more. By sending playful texts, ones that keep her interest up in what you’re thinking about to prolong the conversation. This involves an understanding of how long you can keep up the playfulness before she loses interest.

girls like cheeky chat

Now you can turn the texting up a gear and show your more cheeky side without taking it too far. This is where the real enjoyment comes in.

During all these stages it is important to follow two golden rules:

Use the power of letters and symbols to get your playfulness across by including text emoticons such as :) smiling or :P cheeky face, or even :D for a big grin.

Use clever punctuation and caps lock where needed to stress areas of the text that are the main focus, this way it will help drive home what you are trying to get across.

The final point, and most important of all, is to have fun with your text flirting. Of all the tips to chat with girls by text, this is by far the most important one. After all, if you’re not having fun with texting, how can you expect the girl to enjoy the little words exchanged between the two of you? If txt is not your thing chat with girls by phone